Imagine your happy place...

...a happy place where all geeky interests are represented, explored, and respected. A place where hackers, makers, foodies, open source software junkies, anime buffs, and science fiction fans of all ages and backgrounds come together in a hotel for a weekend and totally blow the roof off.

We go to panels, get free food and beer in our Hospitality Suite, go to ridiculously awesome room parties, and just hang out.

It's more than a thousand of your new best friends.

...but wait, there's more!

You're saying to yourself... but with all that stuff you just told me about above, what could possibly make Penguicon even more awesome!?

Want to learn something new? Join one of our nearby Hackerspaces and learn how to make something. Hang out with our crafters, and learn how to knit! Feel like a mad scientist when we use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream! Come learn about advanced Arduino programming, parallel processing, or PCI Express!

Penguicon always attracts a large range of guests of honor... from famous authors, to astronauts, and folks who've created programming languages. We've also had tesla coil concerts, RHPS Revivals, Dramatic Readings of old Science Fiction Radio Shows, and demonstrations and knowledgeable people in some of the most fringe developing technologies.

All this... packed into a weekend?

...and the rest of the year?

Penguicon doesn't just happen for one weekend. We meet all year long, working to make sure the event is going to be a success. Working is the technical term for it, but is it really working when you're having so much fun?

We're friends outside of con, too. Monthly planning meetings are held either in a house of a volunteer or in the host hotel... and are always followed by a potluck and a party. It's like a mini-convention every month!

Penguicon is also active in the community. We've attended Makerfaire for several years, and have many active members in some of the larger Hackerspaces in the area. Once you know, you'll see us around.

...excited yet?

Penguicon has a little something for everyone. We're an inclusive and accepting community for all geek interests.

Ready to come find your Penguicon?

For all the details for 2015, click the link in the upper left, or click here! In the meantime, you should plan on not doing anything else for the weekend of April 24-26th, 2015. We'll be at the Westin in Southfield, MI, and you should be too.